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2017.05.15 | Center for Geomicrobiology, Awards

Grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF) awarded to Bo Barker Jørgensen

Project: "The cryptic sulfur cycle of marine sediments".

2017.05.15 | Center for Geomicrobiology, Awards

Poster Award

Congratulations to Søren Dollerup Nielsen

2017.04.25 | Center for Geomicrobiology, Research news

How do bacteria act with built-in electrical wires?

Six years after the sensational discovery of cable bacteria, the Danish National Research Foundation is now awarding a grant of up to DKK 56 million to the Centre for Electromicrobiology at Aarhus University.

Electron microscopy picture of a single cell (in green color) isolated from the subsurface seabed in Aarhus Bay. The cell is isolated on a membrane filter with pores that are 0.2 micrometer in diameter. The researchers use highly sensitive molecular biology techniques to sequence and map the genomes of microorganisms inhabiting subsurface seabed one cell at a time. Photo: Stefan Braun. Graphic modified from Wikipedia and
Sediment cores up to 10 m long can be collected from the seabed in Aarhus Bay by gravity coring. The mud in the deepest sections of such cores was deposited 10,000 years ago by the end of the last glaciation. Photo: Nils Risgaard-Petersen.
A sediment core is subsectioned on deck of the Aarhus University Research Vessel Aurora. Photo: Bo Barker Jørgensen.

2017.03.20 | Research news, Center for Geomicrobiology

Microorganisms in the subsurface seabed on evolutionary standby

Researchers have sequenced the genomes of several microorganisms inhabiting the subsurface seabed. The results reveal the extreme evolutionary regime controlling microbial life in the deep biosphere

Photo: VLIZ (Reynaert, Stefanie)

2017.03.10 | Center for Geomicrobiology, Awards

Alberto Scoma recieves the VLIZ North Sea Award 2016

Congratulations Alberto!


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