• 25.11.2010 Seminar: "Unraveling the rusty riddles of freshwater iron-oxidizing bacteria" by Emily Fleming from Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, West Boothbay Harbor Maine, 11:15.
  • 04.11.2010 Fyraftensforedrag by Bo Barker Jørgensen:"Livet i dybhavets undergrund" at Naturhistorisk Museum, 16:30.
  • 20.09.2010-21.09.2010 CfG retreat: At Rønbjerg Marine Research Station.
  • 16.09.2010 Seminar with Anders Meibom, Museum National d' Histoire Naturelle, Paris: "NanoSIMS applications in biomineralization: Paleoclimate, corals and biological fingerprints", 13:15 in Auditorium D2 (1531-119).
  • 14.09.2010 Seminar with Yuri Gorby: "Components and Implications of Extracellular Electron Transfer in Electronically Integrated Microbial Communities", 13:00 in 1540-116. Find abstract here.
  • 13.09.2010-17.09.2010 Guest: Yuri Gorby, J. Craig Venter Institute, California.
  • 31.07.2010-21.08.2010 BALTIC GAS Merian Cruise.
  • 16.07.2010 Qualifying exam: Irene Harder Tarpgaard, Controls on sulfate reductions in marine sediments, 14:00 in 1540-116.
  • 15.07.2010 Seminar: Barbara MacGregor, University of North Carolina,  "Why are orange Beggiatoa orange? First results from a single-filament genome sequence", 13:15 in 1540-116.
  • 18.5.2010 Student seminars at Microbiology kl. 8.30 - 18.00. Master students and Part A PhD students from the Section of Microbiology and the Center for Geomicrobiology will give a short presentation on their topic and status. The seminar is open to everyone and people are encouraged to participate in the brief discussion after each talk.
    Tid og Sted: The seminar will be held at the coffee room at Microbiology 1540-116, kl. 8.30 - 18.00.
  • 6.5.2010 Kandidateksamen: Rune Carstensen, Mikrobiologi.
    Forelæsningstitel: Mulige funktioner af endosymbiotiske bakterier i den marine orm Xenoturbella.
    Tid og sted: Bygning 1540, lokale 116, kl. 10.15.
    Eksaminatorer: Andreas Schramm og Kasper Urup Kjeldsen. Censor: Svend Birkelund, Medicinsk Mikrobiologi, AU
  • 12.04.2010 Seminar, Mikrobiologi kl. 11.00. Sulfate-reducing Bacteria associated with methanotrophic Archaea of the ANME-2 clade
    Lars Schreiber, Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Bremen, Germany
    Tid og Sted: Microbiology coffee/seminar room bygning 1540 lokale 116,  kl. 11.00
  • 15.3.2010 Kvalifikationseksamen: Julia Rosa de Rezende, Mikrobiologi.
    Forelæsningstitel: Biogeography of spore-forming sulfate-reducing bacteria in marine sediments.
    Tid og Sted: Bygn. 1540, lokale 116 kl. 17.00
    Eksaminator: Bo Barker Jørgensen
    Censorer: Heribert Cypionka (ekstern) og Kai Finster (intern)
  • 16.02.2010 Seminar, Mikrobiologi
    Ecology and regulatory biology of denitrifying prokaryotes
    Lars Bakken, Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskab, Norge
    UMB Nitrogen Group (www.umb.no/nitrogengroup/) studies the “regulatory phenotypes” of denitrifying prokaryotes, with an emphasis on their contribution to emission of NO and N2O to their surroundings and ultimately to the atmosphere. Denitrificaton typically occurs in environments with low and/or fluctuating oxygen concentrations. The expression of the denitrification reductases are controlled by a complex regulatory network and there is considerable variation in the response patterns of these systems. By combining robotized incubation systems for measuring gas kinetics (O2, NO, N2O, N2) with quantification of gene transcription, we have identified several interesting regulatory phenomena with implications for the emissions and possibly for the survival of denitrifying prokaryotes.  We are particularly focusing on the transitions from oxic to anoxic respiration, but a logical continuation of these studies is to study the fate of the denitrificaion proteome during oxic spells.
    Sted: lokale 116, bygn. 1540, kl. 11.00
  • 04.02.2010 Seminar, Center for Geomicrobiology
    Unusual interactions in methanogenic communities.
    Caroline Plugge, Laboratory of Microbiology at Wageningen University , Netherlands. Seminar room 116, 1st floor, building 1540 at 11.00.