• Article about the research at the Center for Geomicrobiology at www.videnskab.dk (07.12.2009). Read the article here.
  • Interview with Bo Barker Jørgensen in Campus (25.11.2009). Read the article here.
  • Bo Barker Jørgensen is awarded the German environmental prize Deutscher Umweltpreis 2009 (25.10.2009). Press coverage in Tagesschau (ARD), Buten & Binnen (SAT1 Bremen-Niedersachsen), Nano 3Sat, Flensborg avis, Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten. Read the news article from science.au.dk here.
  • Bo Barker Jørgensen in Science: Arctic bacteria go mad in the heat (19.09.2009). Read the news article from science.au.dk here and read the article from videnskab.dk here.
  • Nils Risgaard Petersen participates in IODP research cruise 323: Bering Sea Paleoceanography (05.07.2009-04.09.2009).
  • Grant for a new EU research program, BALTIC GAS, with Bo Barker Jørgensen as coordinator (16.04.2009). Read news article from science.au.dk here.
  • Signe Høgslund contributes to the virtuel Galathea 3 website with "Liv uden ilt", a teaching material for high school students (25.03.2009).
  • Irene Harder Tarpgaard and Flemming Mønsted Christensen participate in Aarhus University's U-days with "Microbiology laboratories and techniques" (05-07.03.2009).
  • Bo Barker Jørgensen appointed fellow of The American Academy of Microbiology (12.02.2009). Read the news article from science.au.dk here.