AURORA Aarhus University’s new research vessel

AURORA is the first Danish research vessel to be built for more than thirty years and she opens up for a new world of opportunities for Danish marine research.

2014.04.25 | Maj Thimm Carlsen

Yesterday Aarhus University’s new research vessel was christened AURORA.  She is ultra-modern and far more than a commissioned item. She is built to be multifunctional and highly flexible and the researchers themselves, here amongst researchers from the Center for Geomicrobiology, have been involved in the entire building process.

AURORA It is easily converted from being equipped for geological studies of the seabed to carry out marine biology studies. It is designed so that researchers easily can load containers with special laboratories on the deck and the she integrates research and education into every inch of her 28-metre-length.

Aurora provides better opportunities for researchers to study and understand marine ecosystems, and it will benefit all Danish marine researchers as well as students. There is room for fourteen people on board for up to ten days with a crew of up to four.

Center for Geomicrobiology