AURORA's maiden voyage

Tuesday, June 10 Aurora departed for its maiden voyage from the port of Aarhus with direct course towards the port of Allinge, Bornholm. On board were among others researchers from the Center for Geomicrobiology.

2014.07.10 | Maj Thimm Carlsen

The just two months old ultra-modern research ship was available to the public at the annual public meeting "Folkemødet" on Bornholm. After her stay in Allinge Aurora continued into the Baltic Sea on a research expedition northeast of Bornholm to take sediment cores from the deep part of the Bornholm Basin.

Researchers from the Center studied the processes behind the formation and breakdown of methane in the seabed. The Bornholm Basin is characterized by the widespread occurrence of shallow gas and by its particular geology with organic-rich mud overlying organic-poor late-glacial clay. The deep clay deposits function as a sink for methane and one of the objectives was to analyze whether this is only a passive sink or whether the methane is being oxidized microbiologically based on iron minerals in the clay.

Center for Geomicrobiology