Kasper U. Kjeldsen conveys on DR2

Listen to Kasper U. Kjeldsen’s talk about “The unknown life in the deep of the ocean” on DR2 today.

2012.10.08 | Camilla Holst Nissen Toftdal

DR2’s “Danskernes Akademi” is broadcasting a theme series about the ocean and marine environment three Mondays in a row. The series entitled “Et hav af liv” (An ocean of life) will be broadcasted from 1:10 pm-3:10 pm (repeat broadcast during the night and the coming weekends).

Today, Monday October 8, at 2:05 pm, you can watch Kasper Urup Kjeldsen from the Center for Geomicrobiology give his lecture on “The unknown life in the deep of the ocean”.

 You can also watch the lecture here:

Knowledge exchange, Center for Geomicrobiology