Mud research on TV

Via two “IQ programs” the residents in eastern Jutland will get an idea of the ongoing research at the Department of Bioscience. Watch the next program this coming Wednesday or watch them on the Internet.

2012.11.02 | Camilla Holst Nissen Toftdal

TV2 Østjylland has visited the Department of Bioscience in their hunt for stories about what is going on within the yellow walls. The programs under the name of "IQ – tæt på de kloge hoveder" will be broadcasted this fall on Wednesdays at 22.30 and on Thursdays at 12.00 and at 16.00.

On Wednesday 31 October TV2 Østjylland broadcasted “Zoofysiologi – Dyr i dvale” (Zoo physiology – Animals in hibernation), and on 7 November the program “Mudderforskning – Det langsomme liv” (Mud research – The slow life) will be broadcasted. Here the scientists from the Center for Geomicrobiology and Microbiology are accompanied by the camera people in the lab and at the research vessel Tyra.

More to watch
You can watch the programs on TV2 Østjylland’s website as they are broadcasted. Here you can also find one of the spring programs, “IQ: Biologi”, where the host Søs Kjeldsen visits scientists from both Aarhus and Kalø.

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