Sediment sampling in Aarhus Bay

Thursday 15 January the Center used an opening between winter storms to sample mud from Aarhus Bay

2015.02.10 | Maj Thimm Carlsen

In this first Center cruise of the year participants made the most of the fine weather and collected the samples everyone needed.

Ke-Qing Xiao and Nils Risgaard Petersen needed surface samples for investigations of methanogenesis in the sulfate reducing zone; Diego Giao Garcia needed intact box-cores to look for cable bacteria; Søren Dollerup Nielsen and Marta Volpi needed sediment both from the surface and from deep beneath the seafloor to look for thermophilic spores in the cold mud; Birthe Zâncker need samples to investigate the transition from a community of motile organisms near the sediment water interface to predominantly immotile microbes deeper down; Julie Rotschi needed mud that had still not lost its methane, in order to determine rates of methanogenesis via 14C tracer. Finally Kasper Urup Kjeldsen and Lars Schreiber needed samples from deep below the sediment surface that were frozen within minutes after sampling to preserve messenger RNA.

Everything was coordinated on the deck on the AURORA in one collective sampling.

Also participating from the Center were Hans Røy, Clemens Glombitza and Jeanette Pedersen.

All pictures displayed on this page were taken by Ole Pedersen, First Mate, AURORA.

Center for Geomicrobiology