New Postdoc: Alberto Scoma

Alberto Scoma joined the Center on 1 february 2017

2017.03.01 | Maj Thimm Carlsen

Alberto's main interest is microbial physiology, a broad and diverse research domain. While applying different cultivation techniques, Alberto studies the primary drivers that induce and define targeted microbial functionalities. Once the main biocatalytic activities featuring the targeted microbial function are reliably reproduced in the laboratory, the process can be optimized toward biotechnological applications of societal and industrial interest. He has applied this approach to very different topics, such as:

  • biophotolysis H2 production with green microalgae
  • bioconversion and recovery of organic leftovers in the frame of zero-waste second-generation biorefineries
  • lignocellulose degradation by Pandas' gut microbiomes
  • bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons at deep-sea hydrostatic pressure

At the Center for Geomicrobiology and Section for Microbiology Alberto will focus on the capacity to precipitate carbonates by some microorganisms when growing in concrete structures at deep-sea conditions.

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