New Postdoc: Alex Michaud

Alex Michaud joined the Center on June 1. 2016

2016.06.20 | Maj Thimm Carlsen

Arctic fjords of Svalbard form a reactive interface between terrestrial, glaciated landscapes and productive marine shelf environments. Within Arctic fjords, marine sediments host populations of active manganese, iron and sulfate reducing microorganisms. These populations of microorganisms ultimately influence the flux of limiting trace nutrients (i.e. Mn and Fe) to the shelf environment. The focus of Alex Michaud’s research at the Center will be how these populations of manganese, sulfate and iron reducing microorganisms in Arctic fjord sediments compete, and ultimately, influence the flux of metals out of the fjord. Alex will combine geochemical methods with microbial rate measurements and molecular microbial techniques to understand the fjord sediments.


Alex earned his PhD from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. There he studied the biogeochemical cycles in an Antarctic subglacial lake. Read more about his PhD work.

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