Antje Gittel joined the Center January 1

2014.01.13 | Maj Thimm Carlsen

Antje is a microbial ecologist with a broad expertise in environmental microbioloy and molecular ecology including the challenging application of a wide range of techniques to study the diversity and activity of microbial communities.

Antje obtained a PhD from the University of Oldenburg in 2007 and have since then been a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Aarhus, the Center for Geobiology (Bergen, Norway) and the University of Vienna (Austria).

At the Center for Geomicrobiology, Antje will be studying anaerobic short-chain alkane degraders and their potential role in microbial prospecting for oil and gas. The main objectives of this project are (1) to evaluate, design and apply improved functional gene detection assays (assA) and thereby assess the diversity and abundance of alkane degraders, (2) to identify, cultivate and characterize active anaerobic alkane degraders, and (3) to eventually integrate in situ concentrations and isotopic composition of short-chain alkanes with molecular markers to understand the dynamics and microbiology of C2-C4 hydrocarbon cycling.

Read more about Antje here or at her personal homepage.


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