New Postdoc: Matthias Egger

Matthias Egger joined the Center on 1 November 2016

2016.12.20 | Maj Thimm Carlsen

The main research interest of Matthias focuses on ocean biogeochemistry. In particular, he is interested in the coupled cycling of methane, sulfur, iron and phosphorus in marine sediments and in how climate change and anthropogenic eutrophication may impact this dynamic interplay. He studied environmental sciences at ETH in Zurich, Switzerland and did his PhD in the marine biogeochemistry group of Prof. Caroline P. Slomp at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

The focus of Matthias’ work at the Center will be on anaerobic oxidation of methane in the seafloor. Through a detailed analysis of the magnitude and distribution of methane and sulfate fluxes in marine sediments, Matthias aims to gain new insights into the global significance of this important methane oxidation barrier, its underlying mechanisms and its susceptibility towards anthropogenic perturbations.

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