New Scientific Assistant: Piotr Starnawski

Piotr Starnawski joined the Center as Scientific Assistant on February 1. 2016

2016.02.10 | Maj Thimm Carlsen

Piotr’s research experience is in the field of Next-Generation Sequencing data analysis which he has used to describe communities in Anaerobic Digesters during his Master’s Degree. Piotr obtained his PHD at the Center. During his PhD he has focused on Aarhus Bay marine sediments, where he investigated microbial depth patterns and the genomics of key players in the ecosystem. The primary focus of his work is now on the evolutionary aspects of microbial populations in the deep biosphere, namely estimating to what degree an energy-limited cell can adapt to a new environment, how this can be measured and what implications it has on the global understanding of marine sediments. 

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