Travel Reimbursement for visitors

Travel reimbursement for visitors (NOT based at AU)

If the Center has offered to reimburse your travel expenses, please fill out this travel statement (only the top half - incl. the 'Expenses' box). If you have a NemKonto, you do not have to fill out your account details - just type in your CPR no.

Send the form electronically to Sissel Rønning along with scanned copies of your receipts/tickets/boarding passes etc.

Please provide an explanation for each ticket and send the original receipts via snail mail to:

Center for Geomicrobiology,Department of BioscienceAarhus UniversityNy Munkegade 116, 1540. 1110DK-8000 AarhusDenmark

Please note that it may take up to a month for your travel claim to be processed through the AU system - especially if an international money transfer is required.