Department cars/Tjenestebiler

Department cars/Tjenestebiler

Booking a car

staff members and students make reservations via the Outlook calendar. Remember to add your mobile number when booking.

How to book a car: go to Outlook Calendar > Open calender >Adress list> Aarhus: select a car from: Aarhus Bil > Ny Munkegade Bios … and Ole Worms Alle…

Keys: Contact Center Coordinator Maj Thimm Carlsen 

Driving abroad requires an insurance policy.

Please notify Ulla Bording of your travelling plans in advance - at least 14 days before your departure date to ensure that an insurance policy can be issued in time. The insurance is paid for by the user.

Outside opening hours write an E-mail to: (c.c. with information on: 

  • Registration number of the car
  • Number of days abroad
  • Third party insurance  - ansvarsforsikring and Comprehensive insurance, covering loss or damage to the car - kascoforsikring
  • EAN number: 5798000420045 and policy number: go to Biosphere (link til bios) 

The Department cars insure employees/students at AU and guest. The Center therefore recommends you rent a car at Europcar when e.g. picking up guests and their family at the airport or train station. For more information on how to rent a car see here.

For more information go to: Biosphere > facilities>Aarhus > tjenestebiler/Department cars or follow the link: