If you require IT assistance, you can contact SciTech's IT support ST IT:

If you experience network or server problems, have a look at for updates on solutions. If the server does not work, try (Twitter is independent of AU's central webservers).

For any question about registration, software or hardware, write an email to Make sure that the subject is understandable; for example “Biology: Printer problem in building 1535”.

For information about Outlook calendar, webmail, how to set up wireless internet access for guests, how to share large files, and other topics, see ST IT Support Aarhus 

Creating temporary wireless access

At AU employees can create guest logins for the wireless network AUWLAN.

See guide:

Software downloads

NFIT offers access to a number of software programs:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in, using your NFIT credentials
  3. Click on 'Downloads' in the top menu
  4. Click on the program you need

Installing printers

The Center printers are located in 1535 1st floor. The ID for the black and white printer is 1535-100-b-1 The ID for the colour printer is 1535-100-C on print. If you want to print A3 or scan please use the Microbiology printer located in 1540 1st floor. The ID for this printer is 1540-114-c-multi on print

Open a Windows Explorer window and enter (copy) the following address: \\

Installation on a PC

  • Make sure you are connected to the NFIT network
  • Open a browser and enter (copy) the following address: \\
  • A list of all the printers available will appear
  • Choose (e.g.) 1535-100-b-1

See guidelines

Installation on a MAC

  • Make sure you are connected to the NFIT network
  • Open System Preferences (below the Apple or via the gear wheel icon in Dock
  • Select "Print & Fax" ("Print & Scan" in latest version)
  • Click on + below the Mac's own printer list at left side
  • Select "IP" Printer (at top)
  • "Protocol" = Line Printer Daemon - LPD
  • "Queue" =1535-100-b-1
  • "Address" =
  • Click on "Add"

See guidelines