Travel and expense reimbursement

AURUS is Aarhus University’s travel and expense reimbursement system. AURUS runs in a normal internet browser.

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AURUS is used for:

Travel reimbursement: Normal reimbursement of per diem allowance, mileage allowance, as well as expenses incurred in connection with travels

Expense reimbursement: Out-of-pocket expenses and credit card expenses incurred in connection with small purchases, as well as mileage not related to a specific trip

All reimbursements require documentation of payment in the form of scanned copies of receipts attached to the relevant reimbursement claim. When purchasing something using an AU credit card, the purchase is automatically recorded in AURUS - receipts are still required, however. If you have lost your receipt, please sign a solemn declaration (tro og love erklæring) and attach this to your reimbursement claim.

You can find more information about AURUS here
or go to "Quick guides" for the traveler

Important details:

  • Project number and activity code: In order to get reimbursed, you must type in the number of the project account where the money should be taken from and an activity code. Find "your" project account in the excel sheet on the server (X-Bio-geomicro-AURUS-For reimbursement of travels and other expenses).
  • Compile your receipts and provide them with reference numbers, corresponding to the expenses listed in AURUS. Then scan them, ready to upload to your travel or expense claim. For every expense you fill in, you must attach an electronic version of your receipt.
  • If you are working on an EU-project, you must send the original receipts to "AU Rejser" (in an internal envelope) with the number on your AURUS reimbursement claim.
  • At step 4/4 in your AURUS document, please select 'Kontrollant, Gruppen' as Kontrollant and 'Irene Hjortsberg' as Godkender/Controller.
  • Sissel knows how to use AURUS. If you encounter extraordinary problems, you can ask Birgitte Dahl.

New User

To request an AURUS profile/get access to AURUS, please fill out the application form (request for both an AURUS and a travel profile to be created) and send it to